Just the same

Chat, a friend told me a story to him real. A drunk, his friend suddenly crying, hysterical Shouting names have been separated for a long time girlfriend. Although separate, but each other mutual friend, or a lot of, the friend is one of them, he said, "when the going it too much, Dream beauty pro unless I contact to the girl" in the end, the girl came.

When two people four eyes relative, the boy suddenly became very clever, girl, eyes shining with tears, a language is difficult, when two people like once he is in love in a small table, and sat down, everyone left.

Friends say they ultimately failed to get together again, "to see when they sit together, I have a kind of intellectual who happened to be the same feeling", shortly after, the boy told a friend, from that later he let go, put down a lot.

Friend don't like me, some comments to the feelings, the tacit understanding may be because we all know, without the experience of his process, Dream beauty pro don't comment on his way.

It also reminds me of my link Richard Wright director in "love at the sunset dusk" Jessie and selina nine years in Paris, Jessie ask selina, do you remember the things we had done before? Selina with a cavalier attitude toward the past, do not remember, forget, Jessie strive to according to the principle, these I remember very clearly! How can you forget?

We frolic in Vienna park in hand embrace kissing you forgot... Finally, in the car, selina spoke the truth, she did not forget, on the Seine river boat, two people who happened to be the same, laughing... Serve at the beginning of that love, how can she say? So not forget for a moment, to safely, they cannot justify itself.

Meet met had started to make romance, let the story ends.

AnYiRu said, "to a person never put down is the the most suffering thing in the world." I want to, any a pay a sincere feelings, if you want to forget, then need to experience some drinking, for example, empty lane, pain and not language process. Is, Dream beauty pro hard sell don't make him forget, not force him to put, such as time to quell the wars, or passage, or the seas run dry and the rocks crumble.

People often say, heart such as death, the reality is that a broken heart, but not death. Happened to be the same, years later, I hope, can sit together met laugh, not after everything is had modest sails

In the heart of a virtual paradise

Virtual paradise in the heart has a chance to see you every week
Every heartache
I think that is I love you
But, I was wrong
You quietly left the line of sight of me Dream beauty pro
I suddenly feel I have a collapse in the corner of the world
I put it boils down to a broken heart
At the same time, I also hope I can see you again
With you together make up the sky in my heart

God opened a joke with me, I see you again
I finally meet with you again
Dusty again picked up my heart is sweet
I think this is the shadow of destiny

May people are like that Dream beauty pro
Everything happens to almost every thing would think that is doomed to heaven
Everything should have no result is human failings
So, my view is updated again

In my mind
Mature and inside collect, don't you smile
You have great academic achievements

But to see you again, I found
I was wrong
In my mind that I think you are just with you for the false image of the picture
I don't want to admit
Bow have to suffer the consequences

You did not change, because I think of you too too good
I can not accept my dream in my heart break into foam
So, I chose to escape HKUE ENG
Escape you this from my world leave traces of a visitor
Eventually I didn't go to imagine the blueprint of the future

But go to repair the collapse of the sky
Rebuilt it and put he painted blue
Because I believe that must have a place in the sky
Name is heaven

By wet village

Layers of good dream like mist, hang over the whole south. Green flag, the rain lane, lonely poet, the lilac girl. In fact, turned around, but the whole spring Dream beauty pro.

Wanted to like dai, pursue the dream of the lilac girl. The oiled paper umbrella, is in the dream of who has been waiting for the thousands of reincarnation? Jiangnan rain is falling, the poet's love is hazy.

"At ease" light fog, fine silk rain like endless sorrow." In fact, the most beautiful season should be spring sunset. Little by little fly over water, the ends of the earth, the daily evening. This time, alone wander alone ". Jiangnan evening the dim moonlight, also hazy throughout the years. Especially those who like dai and youth. The oiled paper umbrella, a poem, then warm the jiangnan, how much warmth and scholar's hesitation.

"I walk through, jiangnan the and so on in the season of appearance such as lotus open." I still like that YanLiu draw bridge wind curtain cui act deeply the chiangnan alley courtyard, in order to round a one thousand jiangnan dream in my heart. A west European music, drunk spring breeze, drunk tourists, also drunk the whole world. I know, where someone is waiting for me. In the purdah compound, beside the fallen petal flowing water. The young beauty of flowers general appearance and gaze bar. The horizon far far away, HKUE ENG still apply colours to a drawing of the jiangnan tenderness.

S and silently season, drifted off. So, you alone with the jiangnan rain lane. A person, an umbrella. Like an old song. That failed Pi bobbed, reflect your eyeful of cut. Alley, a long, narrow, and is a light rain was falling. Little by little rain like a dream, gentle your whole bun.

Far, far away, came a woman. Like you, a grain, a handful of oiled paper umbrella. The complaint, direction, and the tragic, clove. Gently, gently from your past. Looked at your one eye, and then see your heart of sorrow and regret. You get wet in the rain of the jiangnan, when you look back, the woman has already gone far, go far, until finally, out of the rain lane. Poet ah, you and I are going to have to understand, people passing by, is just a passing wind.

The rain stopped, but there has been no umbrella, with an umbrella, floating in the jiangnan rain lane. Very poetic scenery very frustrated, just like zheng sorrow to wrote: dongfeng, march catkin don't fly, your heart is a little lonely city, just if bluestone street evening; QiongYin not ring, the curtain of the spring is not jie, your heart is little casement window mask. At this moment, but in your heart, have a clove dream. Melancholy of the jiangnan, sighing for you.

Person's life, not only once in the rain lane. In those days, can't see the future, can't see the direction. Even even in the rain, in the sky even the land of mist, always thick wipe not to go. Then, an umbrella, a dream, became all of you. Like a dream, soft soft, can't tell dream and true. But just want to drunk at this moment, never wake up Dream beauty pro.

Chen zi-ang chutangsijie have such a poem "taken" : has the day night, curled up the autumn wind, the old China shake, fang unexpectedly He Cheng. Indeed, it is the wake up. Jiangnan scenery is attractive, but also make people sad. "Drunk" warm wind fumigated tourists "visitors are only jiangnan old". Time easy to throw people, but we will always remember the memory of red cherry, green banana.

Facing such as moss, sunset into the snow. Seems to be coming of age at 20 40 s, already forget belong to jiangnan age in the game. But in around 50 s 16, is a passionate and will miss the jiangnan dream. Through the rain lane, out of the jiangnan, towards the MoBei, towards the north in the spring.

Its moments of beauty, the grape wine. However, the poet's glass, take up but can not let go nuskin.

A rain lane's jiangnan, scenery is fragile, scene in the buff.

A QuJiangNa, into the world of mortals dream, dream wake up, the poem love who?

In the life most brilliant of smiling face

To admit that you don't brave

Yao is standing in front of you

I was waving to say goodbye

Wandering in the street

My love for you has become a block

Even if cannot be together

I was worried about you

Even if can give me a hug

Is sufficient

The sadness into concerto

In the corner playing for you

Even if you can't hear you

Also on behalf of my heart


Don't have to be sweet

The language of the shan shi hai au

As long as in the bottom of my heart


Sunny weather again

Is nothing like your smile

You are my

In the life most brilliant sunshine

Lonely life

More grow up more lonely, feel to the side, to the life of a lot of things are lost confidence and hope. Depressive life, sad had happened Dream beauty pro hard sell. No one can tell.

Gradually grew up, middle-aged. Friends also have their own life. Once lost, sad, sad there are people to talk. But with life in the past, the manager of the pain, have only themselves to understand gradually, to withstand.

Friends feelings, classmates friendship is deep. But everyone has everyone's lives. Only yourself or such of gallbladder, difficult to live. Look for the direction of life, every day looking for heart rely on every day. In comparison with others, when they see others happy, away their shadows of time. Heart not consciously want to escape, just want to escape. Don't want to go in front of everyone gather together, don't want to see your lonely down and out. May be because of their good face, can also be pride or vanity is too strong Dream beauty pro hard sell. Is XieQi brussel in everyone, but you have nothing, heart sad always again and again. Always want to pretend that you didn't care, it doesn't matter. Afraid of family worry, afraid of other people laugh at. But for the life, the longing for a better, have ever moment stop?

How many years, how many days have passed. Or yourself, never have a real, true true to yourself. Everywhere in the deep experience of his own loneliness. Love feel deep despair, in the central to better feel the heavy expectations. Probably there is true love, Dream beauty pro just I'm afraid I was out.

Really want to get out of the world of mortals, however there is always a trace of fantasy, a glimmer of hope to let oneself can't really give up. Search in the confusion, struggling in the hesitation. So don't get also not put in a tangle of fugitive dust. Perhaps the life also is such.


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